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South Lanarkshire Treecare

High-Quality Commercial Tree Surgery Solutions in Lanarkshire and Glasgow

Ensure that your business has a positive atmosphere with the help of our tree surgery and stump grinding services in Lanarkshire and Glasgow. Offering a bespoke option for your business, we cater each of our solutions to your needs. A free quotation is provided, and you are kept in the loop throughout the entire process. There are no hidden fees or costs to our service, and our friendly team provide advice and guidance so that you are prepared for the future.

A Commercial Option

High-Quality Commercial Tree Surgery Solutions in  Lanarkshire and Glasgow

At South Lanarkshire Tree Care, we offer many commercial tree surgery services. Felling, site clearance, and dead wooding options are all provided, and we always visit your premises to see the full extent of the job. Every client is different, so we don't have any set prices. Once we book you in for a time that suits you, we offer advice and knowledge on the upcoming work, which helps you to deal with issues that may happen in the future. A variety of commercial businesses are serviced, with the majority being sites for new-home-builds. Our trustworthy team caters to all types of business and offers a 24/7 service for emergencies. All you have to do is call us to find out more.

Healthy Trees

Appearance is everything when it comes to attracting customers, so we make sure your outside space is healthy. The trees are completely taken care of. All large limbs are lowered by ropes and slings to avoid damage to the tree and its surroundings. This ensures that all of the sections fall to the ground in a controlled manner. Dead, diseased and damaged branches are pruned back to the corresponding branch collar. Crossed rubbing branches are assessed and pruned, or removed completely. Increasing the overall shape of the trees, we provide the service that you are looking for.

Speciality Services

As we have been working in this discipline for more than 5 years, we have the capabilities to deal with a variety of jobs. Throughout the years we have specialised in two particular services:

Stump Grinding

Leaving a tree stump above ground is a safety hazard. With the help of our experts, we grind the stump to a maximum of 18 inches below ground level. The chippings that come out of the grinds goes back into the hole which levels it out.

Crown Reduction

Trees are constantly growing, and the reduction of a tree is necessary when the tree has outgrown its environment. Reductions of up to 50% are provided, but the usual amount is 30%. The original shape of the tree is maintained, even after pruning.

Contact us today, in Lanarkshire and Glasgow, for further details on the tree surgery and stump grinding services that we provide.

High-Quality Commercial Tree Surgery Solutions in  Lanarkshire and Glasgow